During this weeks research assignment, I discovered two websites on the topic learning and the brain. I was able to gather more information in regards to the implementation of the various learning methods currently being explored by educators world over. The first on the agenda as to do with ‘The Brain’s Executive Functions’ written by Dr. Donna Wilson and her colleagues.

  •      BRAIN Strategies for Strengthening the Brain’s Executive Functions

In this article Dr. Wilson and her colleagues explored the cognitive, metacognitive, and executive functioning  of the brain in classrooms around the world. The primary focus centers around the executive function as she explain what it is and how learns are able to make connections by incorporating instruction on executive functions into content lessons. She further offers unique yet informative strategies that instructors can use to help facilitate these learning outcome.

  • How Learning Works : Seven Research-Based Principles for Smart How Learning WorksTeaching


“The book entitled “How Learning Works: Seven Research-Based Principles for Smart Teaching”, is the latest advancement in the continuing task of applying the science of learning to education—particularly, college teaching. The authors are experts in helping college teachers understand how research in the science of learning can improve their teaching. If you are interested in what research in the science of learning and instruction has to say for you as a college teacher, then this book is for you.” Explore and learn new teaching techniques. It’s available for download – makes for an interesting yet educational read.
Ambrose, Susan A., Bridges, Michael W., and DiPietro, Michele. How Learning Works : Seven Research-Based Principles for Smart Teaching. Hoboken, NJ, USA: Jossey-Bass, 2010. ProQuest ebrary. Web. 18 May 2015.
Copyright © 2010. Jossey-Bass. All rights reserved.


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